The reveal session is where you get to see all our fun time together and some tears might roll down! This is where you get to choose which images you want in a photo album or on a gallery wall. We will guide you from picking your images to designing each one of the beautiful artworks we have to offer.  

Most of my clients come to me because they remark the authenticity of my work. I will not make you awkward asking for stiff poses and fake smiles from your husband or toddlers. I'll actually make them smile and we will have fun, guaranteed! Some of my clients say they feel they are on a date while shooting with me. Some say it was the easiest session of their lives. So let's do this together! 

 I can't count how many times I ended up getting my whole family ready for a photo session, except myself! Because I don't want this to happen to you, we will make sure you're taken care of! You will get pampered with our professional hair and makeup artist on your session day! Get ready to feel beautiful and not have to worry about it! 

 After booking your session with us, we will plan every detail of it including your wardrobe. You will also receive a portrait planning guide to help you prepare for your session! 

Discover a photoshoot experience that takes care of it all, so you don't have extra tasks on your full plate!

How our Photography Experience looks like




Planning Your Session & wardrobe

Get Pampered with professional hair & make-up 

Genuine & Authentic Photoshoot 


Reveal Session

Your artwork hung at your home


Did I mention we provide a full luxurious service? Yes, you heard that right. We will come to your house with your artwork. We will even hang your gallery wall for you, so you won't need to lift a finger!  

You're only pregnant with this baby once...
 Let's tell your baby's story since the beginning!

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Let us guide you through this...

Not sure what style you want for your photo session? No worries, I'll walk you through the possibilities so we can do something that translates who YOU ARE! Of course we can also make a combination of what's below happen. Let me give you some examples...

Choosing the right Maternity Photo Shoot Style


 Studio or in-home sessions. With partner/kiddos included or NOT. This is up to YOU! Think about wearing a beautiful lingerie, a robe mixing with different wardrobes. I'll guide you through picking the right wardrobe for you. The sky is the limit here. You could jump in the shower or bathtub and we can make some real authentic portraits of your bump! 

Cozy & Fun

 In-home sessions with the whole family included. This will be a very laid-back maternity photo shoot. We could incorporate a fun activity with your family (baking cookies, painting, etc). I'll look for the little connection details between you and the baby on the way and we will have some fun!

Relaxed Outdoors 

Wanting to incorporate nature into your maternity photo session? This is your type of session! 




Let's make a maternity photo shoot that talks about yOU